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Kutoa for Families is a simple and fun way to do something about BIG global issues, together. Everyone gets to click the "VOTE NOW" button to choose the project they love. The winning project gets the donations made by the entire Kutoa community. Each month we provide

  • 3  amazing projects,
  • an animated video to explain the theme, and
  • Talking Points to help decide which project might provide the most sustainable solution. 

You can vote for the most sustainable solution as a family, or on your own.

There's a free trial option. But at only $1/month to vote, its a great way to get your family in the habit of helping important causes. And if you love Partners International this is a super way to engage with the partners and projects you love.

We want to help young people go from asking, "What can I do?" to saying, "Here's how I made a difference!"

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