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You spoke, and we listened. The result, Kutoa for Families is here!

In just minutes, you can sign-up your entire family to participate in Kutoa together. While we provide you with monthly Talking Points to work through with your family, you (the parent) have complete control over what you feel as though your kids are ready to learn about and those things you might like to wait on. 

If you are ready to roll, simply sign-up below; you will be up and running in minutes. If you would like to give it a try before you start giving, this option is also available. Simply select start free trial when prompted and you will be on your way!

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Keep the family busy with these great free resources!

These activities keep your kids engaged with global issues in a fun and interactive way. Download the free resources today!

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Kutoa keeps your kids actively engaged in learning by giving them the opportunity to learn about sustainable solutions each month to BIG global issues! Kutoa is a great tool, and its fun for the whole family.

Continue to educate your children on what's happening around the world by joining Kutoa today!

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