Common Questions Concerning Kutoa

Every cent that is donated through Kutoa goes to the project that received the most votes. Kutoa takes no additional fee from this $1. Administration fees are raised seperately, and we are committed to keeping it this way.

In order to give $1 to the project, each person needs to give a little bit more to cover the credit card transaction fees. This is not an administrative fee for Kutoa (we raise money for that separately); rather, this goes to cover the online transaction fees.

We are always looking less expensive ways to perform these transactions. In the mean time, this is the best and cheapest method available to us that will facilitate an international donor base. If you have other suggestions, please contact us.

If you have been charged $14.04 and you are not sure why, it is likely that you simply forgot that all individual Kutoa subscriptions are recurring. Yours is simply being renewed.

Renewal is most noticeable when you are on a monthly plan because you will be charged $1.17 on the first day of each month. However, if you are on the yearly plan ($14.04), it can be easy to forget that you were informed and agreed to being charged again one year after you signed up.

The charge is $14.04 rather than $12.00 because $2.04 is required to cover the online credit card transaction fees. 

You can view all of your Kutoa subscriptions and cancel any subscription that you do not want to auto-renew at any time.

Keep in mind that all subscriptions are considered a donation, and will be added to your tax receipt. This is made available in January of each year.


If you are logged in and can view YOUR IMPACT then your account is live. If you cannot view YOUR IMPACT, then your account is not live. This means that you still need to give your dollar, and will be prompted to do so. You cannot vote until you have activated a paid subscription.

Kutoa will issue a tax receipt for any and all amounts donated, even the $1/month! These receipts are made available through your "Tax Receipts" link (found under account settings). They will be published shortly after the end of Kutoa's fiscal year (December 31).

QUICK LINK - https://www.kutoa.org/receipts

Note: you must be logged into your account to access your tax receipt.

No. While this might strike you as odd, our mission is to get as many people as possible joined together to make a positive impact. This means making donations accessible to all while ensuring that everyone has an equal voice. It’s simple, every one has a say. One dollar. One Vote.

That said, you can donate more towards a project through that month's partner organization. You can find this under the "OUR PROJECTS" drop down menu, or if the next month has already begun, this can be found under the "OUR PARTNERS" heading at the bottom of the kutoa.org homepage.

Yes, absolutely, and we ask that you do. Kutoa was started with the savings of one couple who took no administrative fee from your donations. Partner's International is committed to this same model; yet, there are some administrative fees that we need your help to cover. That said, Kutoa wants everyone to get involved, regardless of their income bracket. If all you can give is $1/month to help others, that's great, and we applaud your effort. However, if you are able to give more to the running of Kutoa, that goes a long way.

Just to be clear, ALL of the operational expenses are raised through the generous donations of people like you. These donations don't ever touch the donation made to Kutoa's monthly partner organization. This money will help to grow the foundation, tell more people about the good that we are doing, and get more involved in helping those who need it. Please make a donation by clicking on the GET INVOLVED link at the top of the page. We are one foundation that is not made of money, but we are committed to giving it away!

Yes, each person simply needs their own unique email address so that they can vote and so that we can communicate with them.

Rest assured that Kutoa does not keep any financial information at all (nothing). This is all kept by PayPal. Your contact information is kept securely by us to get in touch with you if/when we need to, but that is all. We do not sell, lease, rent, or loan out your contact information for any reason.

Kutoa operates on Eastern Standard Time (EST), and it is either four or five hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), depending on whether or not Daylight Savings Time is being implemented.

All monthly campaigns begin at 00:00:00 (EST) on the first day of each month, and end at 11:59:59 (EST) on the last day of that same month. Similarly, donations made to Kutoa must be made by 11:59:59 (EST) on December 31 to count as received within that particular fiscal year.

Kutoa listens to the advice of its membership. Legally, Kutoa’s Board of Directors have the final say on whether or not an organization will receive support and which project gets the nod, but the point of Kutoa is to allow people (you) to have a direct voice of influence.

By the way, if you know of an organization that you think is worthy of support, contact us through the site www.kutoa.org/contact and select the "comment" option in the subject line to promote an organization that you know to be doing great work.

You MUST be logged into your Kutoa account to cancel any Kutoa subscription.

1) Click on "YOUR NAME" at the top right of the screen.

2) In the drop down menu select My Subscriptions

3) On that page you can select the "CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION" button beside any active subscriptions that you have.

Clicking on this will cancel your subscription, and you will not have access to voting or "YOUR IMPACT" once the initial term of that subscription is complete (month/year).

Your subscription will not automatically renew.

Note: This will not cancel any gift subscriptions you have purchased for others.

You MUST be logged into your Kutoa account to cancel.

1) Click on "YOUR NAME" at the top right of the screen.

2) In the drop down menu select ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

3) On that page you can select the "CANCEL MY ACCOUNT" link.

This will cancel your Kutoa account and any active subscriptions that you have once the initial term of that subscription is complete (month/year). Your subscription will NOT automatically renew.

Note: This will not cancel any gift subscriptions you have purchased for others.


Every public foundation or charity operates differently. In some instances, those contributing to the financial pot have little or even no say in how the funds will be used. They simply give to the general work of that organization. In other cases, organizations give their donors very specific options to give towards (e.g. a goat, blankets, sponsor a specific child, etc.).

Public foundations do not tend to give their contributors a voice in how the funds collected will be used. From its inception, Kutoa's desire was to create a foundation where anyone who gave would be given the opportunity to influence how the funds would be used. The question was, how do we do this? How do we give people a choice without making a game out of giving?

Voting seemed like the most equitable solution as Kutoa has members from many different countries that are all contributing the same amount. Think of it as a public foundation that is really public. In the end, we are happy that all projects will have received exposure and get funded, though only the project with the most votes will receive Kutoa funding.  

Every month there are 3 new projects you can vote for if you donate $1.

Once you have read up on each of the 3 projects, you can vote for the project that you want that month’s donations to go to.

At the end of the month, we tally the votes and the project with the most votes gets 100% of the money.

Please note, every month you have to donate $1 in order to receive voting privileges. Once you have voted, you are locked in... There is no changing your vote after you see the real-time results.

Each donor can only vote one time per month.

No, once you have entered your vote, you are unable to change it. Kutoa provides as much information as possible on each of the options available to best inform our donors prior to casting their vote.

1) Make sure that you are logged in when you try to vote.

2) Make sure that you have an active $1/month or $12/year subscription.

If you continue to have problems voting, please contact us, and tell us what web browser you are using (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and what the error message read.

Regardless of whether or not you vote, each month that your account is active, your $1 will be donated to the project that receives the most votes. The only thing that you are missing out on is having a say in where all of our collective funds should go. We encourage everyone to vote every month so that you can stay dialed in to what we are trying to bring attention to. We also encourage our members to share their vote with others on social media as a way to spread the word about Kutoa. Not voting means not sharing, and for this reason, we highly recommend that you get your vote in each month. 

This is really a glass half-full scenario. While only one project will receive Kutoa funding, all of the projects that Kutoa promotes will eventually receive funding from other sources, and often our promotion of them helps to make that happen.  Be encouraged also in that any project we show is well-designed and doing good. Hopefully that project opened your eyes to a problem that you didn't know existed or grabbed your heart in a way that it hasn't been before. If that is the case you can contact Partners International https://partnersinternational.ca/ and make a donation specifically for that project or ask to learn more about the project.

My Impact

"Your impact" is a way for you to see how you have positively affected Kutoa. Whenever you invite someone to join Kutoa (using your personalized link), it is reflected in "your impact." Here, you can see how many people have joined Kutoa because of you, the number of votes cast due to your impact, and the value of the donations that you have had a hand in. To access your impact, simply log into your account and select "YOUR IMPACT," located in the menu bar at the top of the webpage (or if you are using a mobile device, the drop down menu in the top right corner).

To access your personalized link, make sure that you are logged into your account. Next, select REFER A FRIEND (if you are using a desktop computer, this will be located in the menu bar at the top of the webpage. If you are using a mobile device, this can be found in the drop-down menu located at the top right). You will now have the option to copy your personalized link, email your friends, or share Kutoa through various social media accounts. When sharing Kutoa through the REFER A FRIEND page, you will recieve credit for any new members who join through you no matter which method of sharing you choose.

Viewing "your impact" is simple. 

First, make sure that you are logged in and have an active subscription. Next, select YOUR IMPACT located in the menu bar at the top of the webpage. You should now be viewing your impact. 

When someone joins Kutoa using your link, it will not appear in "YOUR IMPACT" unless they have activated a paid subscription. As soon as your friend starts donating $1 a month, it will be reflected in "YOUR IMPACT." 

One of Kutoa's main goals is to spread the word about our movement, so we like to reward members who actively promote Kutoa. We track this through the LEADERBOARD. The leaderboard tracks three things: the number of invitations sent by each user, the number of people each user recruits, and their total impact. The leaderboard tracks the impacts of individuals and classrooms seperately.  

Each month, a gift from Big Village is given to the individual and classroom with the most recruits. Share this movement and that gift could be yours!

Since there is no way for us to track your impact without your personalized link, you will need to contact us directly. Email info@kutoa.org with your problem and we will do what we can!

Gift Subscriptions

It's really easy and fast to give a Kutoa gift subscription.

Simply click your name in the top right corner and select Account Settings. Click on GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS (found in the menu on the left hand side) and then select the give now box. You will then be presented with three gift subscriptions to choose from.

Each gift subscription you add to your order may either be emailed by Kutoa to the address you provide, or downloaded and printed by you.


You may purchase additional gift subscriptions in the same order by clicking on the 3, 6, or 12-month gift subscription options.

The most recent gift subscription that you select will be placed at the top of the list of gifts that you are purchasing. You will also be able to quickly view how many gifts are attached to your order on the right hand side of the screen where it says My Order.

Once you have completed filling out the required information on each gift subscription, simply click on the pay now button. This button is located on the right hand side of the screen under the My Order section.

There is no limit on the number of gift subscriptions that you may purchase at one time.

To find a list of all the gift subscriptions you have purchased, simply click on the gift subscription link at the top of the Kutoa site and scroll down once on that page. There you'll see the complete list of gift subscriptions that you have purchased and their status (Redeemed On, Expired, Last Email Sent On, and Paid - for those you did not send via email). Here you can resend the gift to the person you know via email or print the gift subscription and give a physical copy to the recipient. If the person that you initially intended the gift for is not going to use it, you can copy/paste the redemption code link at the bottom into a message for someone else. 

Each gift subscription that you add to your order may either be emailed by Kutoa to the address that you provide, or downloaded and printed by you.

Simply select the Download & Print option under the Delivery Method dropdown arrow on the gift subscription that you would like to print. Once you have paid, you will be able to print it off.

Do not worry if you forget to print one off when you create it or choose the email option and then change your mind after. If that's the case, just click on GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS again and it will list all of the gifts that you have created for others. Find the one that you are looking for and under the actions dropdown menu next to the gift you want to print, select PRINT CERTIFICATE.

Once you have done that you can send it via snail mail, put it in a card, or just hand it to someone in person. From there, it is all up to you.

Maybe the person you gave a Kutoa gift subscription to deleted the email or never received it, or maybe it just needs to be sent again to remind them to redeem it.

No problem, resending a Kutoa gift subscription is easy.

Simply sign in to your Kutoa account and click on the gift subscription link located within the black menu bar at the top of the page. Scroll down and you will see a list of all the gift subscriptions that you have purchased. Find the one that you are looking to resend and click on the ACTIONS button next to it. There you will have 2 options:

Resend Email OR Print Certificate

The funds that are used to purchase a gift subscription are a donation tied to that gift subscription. Until it gets redeemed, Kutoa is forced to hold the funds attached to the gift subscription which isn’t what anyone wants. 

One of two things can happen:

1) You can copy the gift subscription redemption code (available through the gift subscription print mode) and give it to someone else who you think will use it.

2) As the funds given through the gift subscription are tied to it’s redemption, if a gift subscription is not redeemed within 6-months of purchase, Kutoa reserves the right to use any unclaimed gift subscriptions for promotional purposes; meaning if you can't give it away, we will find someone to use it on your behalf. 

In both cases, the individual who redeems your gift subscription will still be linked to your impact, and the funds will still be granted as initially intended.


Because gift subscriptions are a donation made by you, the answer is yes.

In order to give a Kutoa gift subscription, you will need to be logged into your Kutoa account. This way we can tag all gift subscription purchases back to you, and we can add them to your yearly giving total.

Tax receipts for the previous year are made available in January of the following year.


3 easy steps to creating your classroom (just make sure you are logged into your Kutoa account first)

1) Create your class at www.kutoa.org/classrooms.

Select your school by starting to type in the school name. If it is in our database, you will see your school show up. If it is not in our list, you willl be prompted to add your school. Once that has been done, you are ready for step #2.

2) Give the details of your class.

Name of your group, group password, pay once/monthly, etc. You can customize how many spots you want and how long you want your group to run. You will see a running $ tally so that you can keep track of how much you would be donating. Click next and you will be asked to confirm.

Note: With a classroom, paying all at once would make the most sense over paying monthly.

3) Personalize your group.

Upload a logo and invite members to join by sending them your unique classroom link & password.

That's it!

Here are the 3 EASY steps your students will need to take to join your class:

1) Create their own Kutoa account by going to kutoa.org/join.

(simply skip the part when they are prompted to give $ because that will already be taken care of through the class)

2) Type in the unique classroom link.

The classroom link is something that you (as the classroom administrator) will need to provide them with. This link can be found on your classroom dashboard. Typing in this link will take them to a page where they will be asked for your classroom password (also available on your classroom dashboard).

3) Type in the classroom password (provided by you, the classroom administrator).


You will see when a student has successfully joined your class by viewing your classroom dashboard. On the right had side of the screen, you will see a list of all of the students who have joined as well as the remaining open slots.

You may confirm or decline their participation in your class by clicking on the check mark or the X. You may also delete a participant at anytime by clicking on the garbage can icon next to their name.

You can access a classroom's dashboard by logging into that specific classroom.

Once you are logged in, a green bar will appear across the screen. In the middle of that, the name of your class will be displayed. Simply click on this and it will take you to your classroom dashboard.

Note: The classroom dashboard will only be accessible to the administrator of the classroom.


If you can't find your school simply add it! As you type in your school name, if there is no match you will be presented with the option to "CREATE A NEW SCHOOL".

Click on that button and then follow the prompts to add your school to our system.

Once your school is a part of our database, it will be available for other classes to select!

If you are still having problems, feel free to CONTACT US.

The best way to get your children involved in a classroom is to simply reach out to their teacher and tell them about it. We think that classrooms are a great resource, and we hope that your child's teacher will too. If they are not interested, you can still access Kutoa lesson plans located under the CLASSROOMS tab.

Yes! The sign up process is the same as any other classroom. When asked to "choose your school" you will simply need to type in a name to represent your home school class and select add a new school. Continue with the sign up process, and once completed you will have access to all Kutoa classrooms has to offer.

About The Organization

Kutoa's goals are to educate individuals about humanitarian issues, and to provide exposure and funding to organizations that do good work at helping those in need. We also want to show that when everyone joins together and does a little, a lot can be accomplished. 

Kutoa is a program of Partners International. Partners International is a registered Charity in Canada and works in cooperation with Partners International USA. Both Canadian and USA charities are registered in their respoctive countries.

Partners International Canada is a member in good standing of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.

Partners International USA is a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and a GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant.

If you would like more information about the guidelines of the CRA or IRS, you can visit their websites at http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/ or https://www.irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits

Yes. Kutoa is a program of Partners International which is a registered charity that works together with amazing organizations around the world on locally designed projects. We bring our 75 years of experience in extraordinary partnership and development expertise and our partners bring their local savvy and cost effective approaches. We run  the projects together with the partners we talk about providing the day-to-day staffing, and management.

You can find out more about Partners International at the Partners International website https://partnersinternational.ca/ . All of our international implementing agency partners can be viewed under the "OUR PARTNERS" heading located at the bottom of the kutoa.org homepage.