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60 Girls Rescued in India (over 3 years ago)


On November 18th, 2013, a group of 59 enslaved girls between the ages of 13 and 25 were rescued from an organic pickle factory. After being tricked by a trafficker who promised to bring them on a $15 sightseeing trip, the girls were taken to the factory and sold to the owner for three times the amount they had paid. Right away, the girls were forced to work earning less than 25 cents each day. They were told their unfair pay was necessary because it had cost their owner so much to buy them and they needed to repay him. After working 16 hours, underfed and in harsh conditions, the girls would squeeze into a small room where they would spend the night on thin mats.

IJM had found this factory and was doing their best to discover what was happening inside its wall. The girls were never allowed to leave so this was very difficult. Fortunately, one had found a way to escape and alerted authorities. IJM was notified and took action as soon as they had the information they needed. A rescue mission was planned and the girls were saved!

 Image © ijm.org


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