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A Place to Call Their Own (over 5 years ago)


After her house was destroyed by heavy rainfall, a woman named Matiisetso was forced to borrow a small home as she could not afford to fix her own. She lived with her young grandchildren, Mathapelo (8) and Bokang (3) who had recently been orphaned. Matiiseto feared the family would be evicted. Unfortunately, Matiiseto passed away but she was able to leave a small portion of land behind to her grandchildren. This is when Habitat for Humanity stepped in. Mathapelo and Bokang now live in a two bedroom home equipped with access to safe water and sanitation services. The children are living in a secure home with no fear of eviction and an aunt who moved in to care for them. Although they have lived through some tragic events, things are looking up for Mathapelo and Bokang thanks to Habitat for Humanity.

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