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A Successful 2016 (over 1 year ago)


With 2016 now over, IJM is looking back at four of their many successes in the past year. One of these stories speaks about a teenage girl rescued from sex traffickers in Kolkata, a case directly related to a cause the Kutoa membership voted to support in September 2016.

After discovering a woman had been renting an apartment for use as a brothel, an investigation began. While police were interviewing residents of the apartment, a man, looking for a room, arrived with a young girl.

The young girl, only 16 years old, was taken into IJM’s care. After realizing IJM was there to help, she explained she had been forced into this by her aunt.

Five suspects were arrested that day and the young victim was brought to an emergency shelter home where she will stay until she recovers.

We at Kutoa continue to proudly partner with International Justice Mission and can’t wait to see their great work continue into the new year.

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