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A Word of Thanks! (about 2 years ago)


We are most grateful for your grant of $604! This grant will provide a truly life-giving harvest of vegetables to the families who will  be trained and given assistance to start a household keyhole garden. We just returned from an orphan care conference organized by the Christian Alliance for Orphans which gathers people and organizations who care for orphans from around the world. The orphan care movement is experiencing a significant shift away from institutional care of children towards empowering families to care for orphans. The work we are doing in 12 rural villages in Zimbabwe is focussed on just that—equipping and strengthening families so that they can care for their own children and orphaned children in their communities. You have made it possible for us to bring nutritious food, health, dignity and hope to 24  more families!  For these families, the gift of a garden and the training that goes with it are life-changing.


We are also very grateful for the opportunity to share our story with your members and supporters and are thankful for every one of those 604 people who has joined with us to create a better world. It is amazing what $1 can do. We wish you every success as your movement grows in numbers and impact.  We look forward to continuing to work together!


Warmest regards,


Natalie Watson

Managing Director, Bopoma Villages


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