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An Update (over 2 years ago)


"...There are many perilous points along the routes that Syrians - and millions of others fleeing conflict or oppressive regimes - are travelling in search of safety. These are the places where MSF is needed, and where we are working with determined urgency to bring care and save lives. 

The conflict in Syria, and the growing refugee crisis it is helping to fuel, are major and complex emergencies that we do not claim to be able to solve or prescribe solutions to. Our role is to do all we can, through the provision of medical and humanitarian care, to help people survive their journeys and to restore dignity. To help them arrive alive and begin their lives anew. 

Thank you for supporting the work of MSF and for being with us as we accompany people in times of great need. This is indeed one of those times."


- Stephen Cornish

Executive Director, MSF Canada


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