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April & May Projects will focus on Covid-19 Responses (9 months ago)

April & May's theme is "Borderless Health Care". Right now most countries have closed their borders. But that doesn't stop our local partners. They are retrofitting their programs to tackle Covid-19. Medical teams are setting up hotlines. They are installing handwashing stations in crowded slum areas. They are educating and calming people. And they are feeding particularly vulnerable people like homeless kids living on railway platforms, and day-labourers who are starving because they can't go out to work. It borders on the heroic. Can you believe this statement from one of our partners:  “even if, as we go about helping those in need - we go out and get sick or die, it is a death worth having" Wow. I'm glad to put resources in the hands of someone that passionate to help others.

Its a period of financial uncertainty for all of us. So Kutoa is a great platform for giving because it only takes $1 to contribute. And together we can make a big impact. So encourage your friends to join the community. This month we feature three super options for saving lives during this Covid-19 epidemic. 

I don't know if we are going to be able to choose just one project to fund, given that they are all saving lives. Maybe this is a good month for you to just make a special donation to the project of your choice. 100% will go to that partner. You can do that by making a one time doonation https://www.kutoa.org/donations Then send us an email telling us which project of the month its for. And we will send it out fast so it does as much good in preventing a further outbreak as possible. 

As Yalexis our project finder wrote earlier, this crisis offers us an opportunity to concentrate on what truly matters. Spending time with family and checking in with friends are comforting in this time of uncertainty. It is also a moment in time when we can help those in need, whether in our community or other parts of the world.  - Dave Hunt, Kutoa Lead


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