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Covid-19 Report from Bangladesh (about 1 year ago)

We're thankful to you for your love and concern for our people, particularly during this battling time of pandemic. We have completed the COVID-19 Awareness Program and Food Relief Distribution among 3,500 families (Phase 1), and also a similar program (Phase 2) among 3,500 families is almost (80%) completed. We thank God for this provision. We've also started the house repair program for Cyclone Amphan affected areas but the need is greater compared to the damages and available resources. Our leaders and staff join me to thank you for your true partnership and cooperation during our difficult time. You might have known that recently we have done a survey and we found some practical needs for the people to come back to normal life after this lockdown situation is over. The food relief program was to help people survive, and now we need to help them regain their livelihoods. - Leor Sarkar, Bangladesh


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