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February Winner: Mahima Homes (over 1 year ago)

For the month of February, Kutoa addressed the global issue of Oppressed Peoples. The winning sustainable solution that YOU voted for to combat this issue was the Restoration of Trafficked Girls through Mahima Homes in India. We have a story to share with you. A real testimony of the work that Mahima Homes is doing for young girls, which YOU supported. 

Flora (name altered for safety) is a 14-year-old girl from Bangladesh. She had a normal life like any other teenager- living with her parents and brother and attending school. But one day, financial crisis took over her house, and Flora was forced to drop out of school. Flora wanted to help her parents by finding a job to earn some extra money. Flora’s family heard of a job in a garment factory in Kolkata and decided that Flora should accept a job there to contribute to the family's income.

Flora’s decision to come to Kolkata turned out to be her worst nightmare. Flora was raped, and then eventually taken to Sonagachi, which is the red-light area of Kolkata, where she was forced into the sex trade. After going through a depressive and horrific experience for one month, Flora was rescued by the anti-human trafficking department of the Kolkata Police and placed into Mahima Homes.

Flora has been undergoing therapy for the past two years in Mahima Homes. She has gone through transformation, and has been able to attend a vocational training center where she has learned marketable skills for her future. Flora was able to testify in a child friendly court, where she can fight against her perpetrators and prevent them from victimizing other girls.


This is just one story of what YOUR vote has done. Thank you for partnering with Kutoa to change the lives of these girls.


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