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Funds Received (Thank you!) (about 2 years ago)


You’ve given hope to refugees.

Thank you for making a thoughtful, generous donation to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

It’s definitely not easy to look past constant media reports of brutal conflicts and religious or political persecution in Syria, South Sudan and Iraq, to realize that these people who’s lives have been shattered, sometimes beyond our imagination. But you get that - and you’ve acted decisively too, making a commitment to the more than 50 million displaced people that UNHCR helped last year.

Thank you for being a lifeline to families who desperately need your help. Your gift will be put to work immediately, rushing life-saving supplies like blankets, clean water and sturdy tents to desperate children and families in need. Day by day, we’re helping refugees survive, recover and build a better future.”


Furio De Angelis

UNHCR Representative of Canada



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