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Global Medic Working Hard! (about 4 years ago)


GlobalMedic's team continues to make strong progress in the Philippines. The well rehabilitation project has been ongoing and continues to move forward as new wells are being identified, tested, assessed and rehabilitated daily. Each well is different and requires an individual assessment to ensure that the proper repair work is being done. Some wells require a simple cleaning while others need a great deal more work to ensure the safety and longevity of the well. Many community members are keen to take part in the process of rehabilitating their wells, which allows them to take ownership over the project at a community level.

This past week also saw over 200 face-to-face interviews with community members who received hygiene kits or Rainfresh units from GlobalMedic. This process is critical to ensure that the community is using their Rainfresh units properly, and gives valuable feedback on how to improve the hygiene kits that are distributed to a number of communities. The interviews also give GlobalMedic team members the opportunity to interact with different members of the community on a more personal level, helping to build strong relationships between the team and the communities they are operating in.

The final touches are added to the first six housing units

In addition, GlobalMedic’s six Compressed Earth Block Housing Project units are getting the finishing touches as families begin to spend some time there getting to know their new homes. Move-in dates are just around the corner and families are eager and happy to move in. This pilot project has been a success, providing new, safe and secure shelters to families affected by Typhoon Haiyan.


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