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Grant Cheque to Free The Children (over 4 years ago)


Free The Children Thank-You: Free The Children would like to extend our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to Kutoa members for your support. We are so grateful that you have chosen to help outfit Oloirien Primary School in Kenya with furniture and textbooks. These resources will provide the students with the tools they need to help build a brighter future. Every year of education increases a child's life expectancy by over 6 months and it is through education that children are able to transform their lives. With education, children, families, communities and even nations can break the cycle of poverty. Change starts with one child, one classroom, one dream, but it reaches an entire generation. We cannot say thank you enough for your support! - Nadia Humayun, Manager of Donor Engagement

If you would like to make a direct donation to Free the Children, visit www.we.org/donate.


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