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Growing Strong in Ethiopia (about 4 years ago)


After decades of careless deforestation, a once lush jungle in the community of Humbo became a barren wasteland. This deforestation caused detrimental effects including erosion, flooding, decline in agricultural production, and depletion of groundwater resources. Although severe, these impacts were not irreversible. World Vision stepped in and introduced their Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration method (FMNR) which has resulted in great rehabilitation. So far, more than 6,600 acres of forest have been restored which has allowed crop yields to double in the surrounding communities. The forest also became the first community in Africa to receive carbon credits from the UN, credits which generate $70,000 per year. Thanks to this model introduced by World Vision, the Ethiopian government now plans to restore 37 million acres of land nationwide while Word Vision plans to teach this method to communities in 20 different countries!

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Image © 2014 Tessema Getahun/World Vision


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