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Habitat's Largest Youth Movement (over 2 years ago)


“Young people play a big part in building a better future, and by joining together for Habitat’s Young Leaders Build campaign they are helping families to gain strength, stability and independence through shelter.”

300,000 people are volunteering across 16 Asia-Pacific countries in Habitat For Humanity's annual Young Leaders Build. This youth-driven campaign will focus on rebuilding homes, fundraising and raising awareness of the issues caused by inadequate shelter. On April, volunteers from the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan as well as the Philippines will be helping to build homes in Bantayan, an area which greatly suffered after Typhoon Haiyan. 

With many other build sites and volunteers, the Young Leaders Build is sure to make a big impact in the Asia-Pacific region. To read more about this movement, click here.


Image courtesy of habitat.org


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