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How are you doing? (over 1 year ago)

Dear friends,

With constant news and updates around COVID-19, it has been hard staying focused on day to day tasks and work. We are all looking for ways to cope with the current situation. You may be feeling the same way.

This crisis offers us an opportunity to concentrate on what truly matters. Spending time with family and checking in with friends are comforting in this time of uncertainty. It is also a moment in time when we can help those in need, whether in our community or other parts of the world.  

COVID-19 is having a different impact in different countries, and we still don’t know the extent of it. Many of the people we work with will be impacted financially by the fluctuating exchange rate, which results in them receiving less money for their projects. They will also have a harder time fundraising locally for programs, if the local economy is struggling. Long thought out campaigns and projects will discontinue, and plans will have to change.

However, our grassroots organizations are RESILIENT. They have delivered aid during famine, drought and conflict, and they will find ways to continue their work amid this pandemic. 

Kutoa is committed to making the world a better place through supporting sustainable solutions to humanitarian issues. But, we need your help to do this!

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People everywhere helping people everywhere!. 

Yalexis Barr

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