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"I wonder where I would be today had I not received help from the UNHCR.” (about 2 years ago)


Meet Yared Karadongeye, a Burundi native. Yared was forced to spend over thirty years in the neighbouring country of Tanzania but had always dreamed of returning back to his homeland. In 2007, he returned to Burundi but found the circumstances to be much different than he had imagined. The UNHCR provided Yared and his son with an emergency survival kit, just like the ones Kutoa members voted to provide in June 2016. With additional help from the UNHCR, Yared was able to get back on his feet, reclaim his family’s land and even open a small café with his son.

With the help from the donations of Kutoa's members, we will assist the UNHCR in creating more success stories just like Yared’s!

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Photo © UNHCR/A. Kirchhof



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