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IMPORTANT NEWS for ALL KUTOA DONORS! (about 1 month ago)

Please read the following news item in its entirety.

Relaunching in the Fall of 2018, Kutoa will begin promoting and funding projects that may have a faith-based component to them.  Historically Kutoa has not funded faith based projects and as such we are sensitive to the reality that some of our Kutoa members may not want to have the funds they donated to Kutoa directed in this manner.  In light of this, we are instituting an “OPT IN” process wherein those who would like to remain Kutoa supporters MUST send us a confirmation email. If we do not receive an email to this effect by June 29, 2018, the giving subscription will be cancelled.

To be clear, if you do not wish to maintain your support of Kutoa, you do not need to do anything. Your giving subscription will be cancelled on June 30th and a confirmation email will be sent to the address you have on file with Kutoa. 

We are excited about the relaunch of Kutoa and would love it if you would stick around!  If you would like to remain a Kutoa donor, please CLICK HERE or manually send an email to info@kutoa.org with the subject “Keep supporting Kutoa” and we will not delete your giving subscription.  



Josh Brake

Kutoa's Executive Director


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