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July Refugee Projects (14 days ago)


First of all a BIG WELCOME to all the new Kutoa community members. We are so excited you joined. We are just about to tick over to a new theme. If you want a refresher about the humanitarian crisis of refugees lake a quick look at our video on Refugee Care . And here's a brief look back at July's projects. Kutoa selected three organizations who are working to support and assist refugees in order to help them get back on their feet and give them a safe place to be. We offered three very different approaches to sustainable solutions for refugee care. **Remember that we are not just looking for projects that pull at our heart strings. We want to think deeply about the issue and consider sustainable solutions.** So this last month we had three very distinct sustainable solutions. 

  • Providing skills and counselling to help Iraqi refugees become employable in the country they will immigrate to.

  • Helping Syrian refugees resettle back home.

  • Welcoming Rohingya refugees who have survived the perilous boat crossing from large internment camps in Bangladesh, to make Malaysia their final home. 

The first focused on helping Iraqi refugees who have no way to go home, transition successfully as self-sustaining contributors to their future home. The second looks at the hard math - its way more expensive to keep Syria refugees in limbo and resettle them to some new foreign place. With the same resources we can help many more families rebuild their life and their nation back home where their heart often still is to begin with and where they know the language and culture. And the third is to welcome and integrate Rohingya refugees into society so that they can finally end their dangerous journeying form place to place under refugee status.

These projects all represent amazing people doing great work. Be encouraged to know that although our group support is only going to the winner, all of these projects will continue without our support. And if you really want to do something extra, you can always send a donation to Kutoa specifically for the project of your choice. 


Home-based care for orphans and vulnerable children


New Vision Homes


Helping orphans and vulnerable children escape life in the slums