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Justice for Trafficking Vicitms (over 1 year ago)


A seven-year trial has finally come to a close resulting in the conviction of three traffickers and justice for three young survivors. The traffickers’ attorney used many tactics which allowed the trial to be delayed on numerous occasions. Eventually, the three women were given a seven-year prison sentence as well as a large fine that will contribute towards the recovery of the victims.

IJM reports the victims are now thriving. One of the victims, just 14 years old when she met her offenders, was promised a stable job to help support her family. She learned she had been trafficked when she was brought to a roadside restaurant and greeted by two other frightened young girls. Moments after the transaction had been completed, IJM and local police arrived at the scene to arrest the pimp responsible and any accomplices. The girls were taken to a local shelter and then to a long-term aftercare home. The young girl has now completed her education as well as an apprenticeship at a local shipyard where she now awaits a full-time position.

Thanks to the help of IJM, she, and many others, will live a safe life!

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