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Kutoa for Families (3 months ago)


While we are all stuck at home, its a great time to sign up for Kutoa for Families.  If you're ready, and just want to set up your family here's the link https://www.kutoa.org/families/new . If you need some context here's the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuOezCQUDMo&feature=emb_logo . Every month we feature a global humanitarian theme and three related real-world solutions. Yalexis, our "project finder", picks these projects from our amazing pool of 100+ indigenous partner organizations around the world. She looks for sustainable solutions. 

You and your familiy members can watch the animated video on the theme to understand it better. There are talking points if you want to go deeper. And then each family member can click the "Vote Now" button to choose the project they think will do the most good. The winning project gets awarded the funding that month. The funding comes from the Kutoa community. Each vote is $1. And you only get one vote. So every vote is equally important whether you are 7 or 70 years old.

If your favourite project doesn't win, don't worry. Every project we feature was chosen because it is awesome and is making a differnce. And if you really want to, you can make a special donation for it.

This month is a bit different, we extended April's theme on borderless healthcare to May 20th. There are 3 projects for COVID-19 healthcare. Partners International is going to match our donations. After the vote, we will start May's theme  - Food Security. And we will have three different projects for COVID-19.

Kutoa For Families is a great way to do something practical together as a family to help others while we are social distancing. Our goal is to enable parents and guardians to help their their kids go from asking "Why should I care?" to "Here's how I made a difference!"


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