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Progress in Bolivia (about 3 years ago)


In October 2014, Bolivia passed a new law and IJM has seen great success because of it. The Bolivian legal system has been described as notoriously overloaded and sluggish causing some sexual violence cases to take anywhere from 3 to 7 years to be completed. This new law, Law 586, eliminates factors which slow down cases and allows justice to be served in a more timely manner. IJM representatives spoke with a Judicial Council spokesmen and advocated for full, half or consecutive day hearings. Before Law 586, a case would generally be given hearings which only 1 or 2 hours and occurred about every 2 weeks. Thanks to the new changes, IJM’s last 5 cases went on trial and reached sentencing in just one month, in the past this often took around 10 months. With the help of the International Justice Mission, victims of sexual violence are getting the results they deserve with great efficiency.

To read more about the changes in Bolivia and their impact, visit this link

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