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Project Update (almost 2 years ago)


This quarter WE broke ground on classrooms 11 & 12 in San Miguel. Once complete these classrooms will serve as a hub of education for years to come! This project joins the many other completed infrastructure projects that make up the current school in San Miguel including the dining hall, school kitchen, bathrooms including 16 toilets, library with a computer center and eight other completed classrooms. These facilities provide the students of San Miguel with a holistic educational experience that will have a lasting effect on them, their families and the community.

Community members are so excited to work with WE to bring change to their area that they have been part of the process every step of the way. As a testament to their commitment to education, community members have been working incredibly hard to organize mingas to support construction. Mingas are a group of corporative laborers that work together voluntarily on a communal task.

Working together, this quarter the community mingas have:

► Completed plastering of both internal and external walls 

► Nearly completed covering the floors with wood

► Completely installed all windows

► Completed three-quarters of the electrical installation 


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