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Project Update: News of Progress from the UNHCR (almost 3 years ago)


This is an update we received from the UNHCR on October 15, 2015. Know that our contributions together are making a difference in the lives of those impacted by the violent instability in Syria.


Dear Kutoa,

The crisis in the Mediterranean continues, but thanks to you UNHCR has been able to rapidly increase operations over the past 30 days. Your generous donation has been put to use assisting refugees at all stages of their journey.

With your help, we’ve been able to protect refugees at each border they cross. UNHCR is one of the only humanitarian agencies providing around-the-clock presence at international border crossings to help provide critical information and safeguard the rights of refugee families.

"At each border point where we have crossed we have seen UNHCR staff. In your blue vests you have been there greeting us, giving us advise, blankets, food, water and encouraging words. Thank you, we feel like you are watching out for us and because of that we feel safe. that is what we are looking for, somewhere to feel safe, somewhere to find peace." - 17 year old Mohammed, from Syria 

Your contribution has allowed us to provide life-saving materials such as sleeping mats, blankets, tents, food, water and medical care to thousands of people.

All of this is because of your support and the support of compassionate donors around the world.

Thank you for your generosity during this critical time,

Furio De Angelis

UNHCR Representative in Canada


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