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School Health and Nutrition Program Update (over 4 years ago)


Save the Children's School Health Program has been implemented in many countries around the world. An update on the project was recently released addressing all the work Save the Children has been a part of. Here's what they said about Malawi: 

"In 2013, Save the Children’s Sponsorship-funded program in Malawi continued its pursuit of the overarching goal to ensure that children learn and develop to their full potential.

After conducting Malawi’s malaria study, two training manuals have been developed, one for teachers and another for facilitators. Additionally, a pilot training was conducted with 15 teachers from a zone outside the impact area and sensitization meetings about the malaria study were completed in all 58 schools involved.

During the randomized control trial, schools were randomly selected, with 29 intervention schools and 29 control schools. The 29 schools in the intervention group have received Learners Treatment Kits (LTK); and 64 teachers have been trained as dispensers of the LTKs together with 29 head teachers, 7 Primary Education Advisors, 4 District Health Office (DHO) staff, the Desk Officer Primary Education and one representative from the District Commissioner’s office. In addition, 50% of schools have trained teachers to diagnose and treat malaria and other common health problems in schools.

In relation to the rigorous study on malaria, SHN focused on pit latrine construction and handwashing promotion. Save the Children has constructed 16 pit latrines and drilled 6 boreholes. Repairs were made to 69 handwashing facilities distributed in 2012. The malaria study has successfully been rolled out in the school with support from the DHO, District Education Office, National Malaria Control Program, Malaria Alert Centre and communities.

The SHN program supported the DHO during child health days in distribution of vitamin A and albendazole to children under five. The plan to distribute albendazole was agreed to be completed with the National Mass Drug Administration for Schistosomiasis in all the schools in April 2014."

Great progress was made in 2013 and we're excited to watch it continue!

Source: Save the Children: School Health and Nutrition: Program Update - Issue 10

Image courtesy of savethechildren.org


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