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Update from Haiti (over 4 years ago)


"The walls were completely damaged, they all came down,” said Acelon LaFleur as she described her home after the earthquake that ravaged her nation four years ago. "I am very thankful to God for what Habitat did for me.” For nearly three years after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake stuck Haiti, LaFleur and her three children lived in a displacement camp not far from her home in Simon-Pelé. "Living in the camp was very hard,” said LaFleur. "I was always afraid, and our health suffered.” But now on the fourth anniversary of the 2010 quake, LaFleur and her family, like 175 other households, are able to celebrate being back in their home as a result of the work of Habitat for Humanity Canada. In addition to this, Habitat Canada’s recovery projects have already seen hundreds of Haitians trained in financial literacy and reconstruction techniques so that more families can get back into their homes, gain a sense of stability and security, and continue rebuilding their lives. 


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