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Thanks to you the Kutoa community for coming back! Kutoa is relaunching with exciting changes

150+ Grassroots partners

We are putting our donations in the hands of visionary social entrepreneurs in the developing world. Kutoa is going to help write amazing stories by enabling local people who are making a difference in their own setting. We will be introducing the Kutoa community to some of these amazing young leaders energizing bright new opportunities. Some of the advantages of going with grassroots partners include:

  • Our dollars go farther as we work with local people operating at a local standard of living.

  • Better outcomes from contextual solutions by people who understand the local cultural. 

  • Long-term impact. When times are tough our partners don't leave because this is their home.

  • We build local sustainablility and resourcefulness.

These leaders are writing the development manuals of tommorrow. And the projects we empower will be case studies for successful transformation through local innovation.

Powered by Partners International

Partners International is the charity that helped inspire the birth of Kutoa through its work with minor-age girls rescued from human trafficking in India, and emancipation of modern day slaves in Pakistan. Partners International is part of a global alliance with over 150 local organizations world-wide. These are closely selected organizations, often in places where it is really tough to work. Some of the advantages of Partners International include:

  • 75 years of experience in finding and developing great local charities world-wide that offer sustainable solutions

  • A super selection of projects each month

  • The ability to help the Kutoa community grow through greater resources and reach

  • Common DNA with the original Kutoa vision


Nutrition to save lives

Trauma Counseling for Isis Survivors

Victims of Civil War in Myanmar