Kutoa's story: From A Thought to a Global Movement

Our dream at Kutoa is a community of people everywhere, helping people everywhere.

We wanted to create a community.

If people anywhere can give a little to people in need, together we can get a lot done. Because our community is digital, it is borderless and barrierless. And we all have a voice because we all get to vote. Our community includes you and other people who want to make a difference. It includes our world-changers on the ground who are making a difference through the projects we support. (We will be introducing you to some of those people). And it includes the people you impact through Kutoa.

We wanted to create an opportunity.

An opportunity for people anywhere to have a voice even if they don't have a lot of money. That's why its only $1 to vote. And that's why each vote is equal. You can multiply your impact by donating more, but as long as you've got a $1 you've got a vote.

An opportunity for people with great ideas to grow them. Kutoa connects people like you who want to change the world with those who can. We give our funds to local people with sustainable solutions who are doing amazing things to help others. We've seen how far a dollar can stretch when combined with local know-how. That's why we've joined Partners International. So we can work with 150+ grassroots organizations to tackle some big humanitarian issues. These are the same social entrepreneurs who sparked the idea of Kutoa.

An opportunity for people anywhere to receive a helping hand. Your vote will create real world change for someone who can use your help. That's why we look for sustainable solutions. And its why we work through local vision and initiative. Every project we serve up is going to be a good one. And your contribution is important. If enough people exercise their voice together in an educated manner to support sustainable solutions, then we can create real change.

Join the movement and see how your $1 can make an impact.


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