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Bopoma Villages strengthens and equips families living in extreme poverty in rural Zimbabwe to meet their own needs and to provide a home and care for orphaned children in their communities. Many orphaned children in Zimbabwe live with a loving grandmother or other relative but still face deprivation every day: hunger, poor health, inability to attend school, and social isolation. Some end up alone or in institutional care--not because there is no one willing to care for them but because their caregivers are poor and unable to meet their most basic needs.

Bopoma Villages' goal is to keep children in families by supporting the heroic efforts of the many grandmothers, aunts and others who are doing their utmost to provide orphaned children with a home and loving care. Working through our local staff and a dedicated team of community volunteers, the organization currently supports vulnerable families caring for over 400 orphaned children in 12 rural villages. They focus on the following high impact interventions to empower individuals to create better lives for themselves and the children in their care.

  • Providing clean water through BioSand water filters, drilled wells and training in rainwater harvesting and conservation
  • Increasing food security through agricultural training and other help to build community and highly productive “keyhole” gardens
  • Improving health through training in hygiene, nutrition and disease prevention
  • Developing village support networks for orphaned children and their caregivers
  • Training local volunteers to provide emotional and practical support and assistance to vulnerable families and orphaned children living in their communities
  • Mentoring and vocational training for vulnerable and orphaned youth.

To learn more about how Bopoma Villages is transforming lives and communities in rural Zimbabwe visit

100% of all publicly donated funds to Bopoma Villages go directly to Zimbabwe to support vulnerable children and families. All of Bopoma Villages’ administrative and fundraising costs are covered by the Board of Directors.



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