Founded in 1995 by international human rights activist Craig Kielburger, WE Charity (formerly known as Free the Children) believes in a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change. They are an international charity and educational partner that empowers youth to remove barriers that prevent them from being active local and global citizens. They work domestically through We Day events and the We Act program to educate, engage and empower 2.3 million youth across North America and the UK.

Their international projects are implemented through Adopt a Village, our holistic and sustainable development model. Adopt a Village is currently being carried out in developing communities across eight countries—Kenya, India, Ecuador, Nicaragua, rural China, Haiti, Sierra Leone, and Ghana. Adopt a Village is made up of five pillars crucial to sustainable community development:

1) Education,
2) Clean Water and Sanitation
3) Health
4) Alternative Income and Livelihood
5) Agriculture and Food Security.

Why these five pillars? Together they can achieve a greater impact. Each of these projects serves to enhance the others, ensuring the greatest overall effect in each area of intervention, and achieving long-term sustainability. A school with food and clean water programs ensures that girls can attend class, instead of cooking or walking long distances to fetch dirty water from rivers for their families. A medical clinic and alternative income programs ensure that the community can afford treatment, and that health care becomes sustainable for years in the future. All five pillars of the Adopt a Village model are owned and maintained by the community, and designed to be self-sustained after the initial project implementation.

Through Adopt a Village, WE has brought more than 650 schools and school rooms to youth and provided clean water, health care and sanitation to one million people around the world, freeing children and their families from the cycle of poverty. Their goal is to build a future where every child is free to transform his or her life, community and world. WE believes that this can be achieved through education as education is the foundation of sustainability. Through education, learners become leaders and gain the tools to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty—forever.

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