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South Sudan has the world's 3rd lowest human development index. The AIC (Africa Inland Church), South Sudan is committed to changing that statistic. Before independence in 2011, Sudan was involved in large scale civil war and ethnic violence. The story did not change after independence. Sudan has experienced conflict with neighbouring states, civil war and ethnic massacres. This in turn has caused famine and the displacement of many Sudanese people into Uganda. Education is a critical piece of improved human development. The AIC wants to develop a generation of children who pick up pens and not guns. Youth who will use words and ideas to solve the issues they face instead of weapons. For many nomadic tribal youth, warfare is a way life. Their families do not see the value of education. Being nomadic, children and not able to go to school year round. It is extremely complicated to provide children and youth with a consistent education in the context of war and famine. Just having teachers is a issue, let alone dealing with the destruction of schools and the displacement of people. The AIC runs schools across South Sudan. We want to help the AIC enable nomadic tribal children to read and write and lead their families into a more peaceful future.

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FEAL (the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon) works throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Among other activities, FEAL serves displaced people in Lebanon and Syria. We highlight FEAL for it's 'OASIS' program for refugee children. Syria's militariy occupied Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war. So it is an extraordinary statement of love for Syrian refugees to see the Lebanese people sacrificing so much to care for them. There are 1.5 million refugees in Lebanon which only has has 6 million people. Imagine what it would be like if 1 in every 4 people in your country arrived in the last few years as a refugee. That would put a great strain on social services and employement. That explains why there are no spots in schools for many refugee youth who spend their entire days in small camps or who are forced to look for illegal work to help their family survive. We love feal for its use of volunteers including youth to care for refugee youth.

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HEAL Africa is a hospital and medical oureach organization in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. This amazing organization is renown for its compassionate service to vulnerable people in one of the most volatile settings on the planet. Goma lies between an active volcano and methane filled lake, serving a region overrun by violent militias.  The hospital was already destroyed once by lava flows from the Nyirigongo volcano which continues to emit plumes of ash over the city.  Staff risk their lives venturing though militia occupied territory to repond to community scale atrocities. The work of HEAL Africa and its founders, Dr 'Jo' and Lyn Lusi has been globally recognizedand. Before her battle with cancer ended, Lyn received the prestigious Opus Prize, recognizing individuals or organizations who champion faith-filled change. HEAL Africa may be most famouns for its reconstrcutive surgeries for women victims of violent attacks. HEAL Africa serves communities through a holistic approach to Healthcare, Education, community Action, and Leadership development in response to changing needs.


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A child soldier is a person under the age of eighteen who is a part of any kind of regular or irregular armed force/group. Today, more than 250,000 child soldiers are taking part in armed conflict. They are present in at least thirty conflicts, and it ...


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