The Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship (BBCF) runs world-class relief and development programs. BBCF and Partners International partner with communities in our "Adopt A Village" program. This program reduces disease and death. It increases incomes provides more opportunity for education. One element of the Adopt A Village program is 'savings-based financing'. It is a little different than micro-loans. With micro-loans people borrow money from an institution. Instead, we organize groups where members contribute their savings. Then they decide together which member to loan their pooled saving to. Some savings-based groups are so successful that they turn into small banks! The BBCF also runs 20 children's hostels. The provide opportunity for isolated and impoverished children to get a good education. And the BBCF has a hospital and clinics that provide medical care. Bangladesh is a densely populated country with massive amounts of extreme poverty. Many people are day-labourers without stable work or land of their own. People are vulnerable to annual floods, cyclones, arsenic contaminated water, and rising sea levels. Two-thirds of Bangladesh is less than five metres above sea level. By 2050, Bangladesh may lose 11% of its land, affecting an estimated 15 million people. The BBCF is doing an amazing job in this context, improving lives.

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JKPS is a solid organization that works with people living in extreme poverty in three states of India. They have many programs that address injustice, poverty and human rights. It is a world-class licensed organization that fights for victims of human trafficking, provides medical camps, runs education programs, and other development projects. JKPS is focused on the holistic transformation of communities through programs like these. They work hard to insure that the individuals in the communities' needs are met. 

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MINAP is an Amazon mission by tribal people for tribal people. It exists to serve the marginalized native peoples of the Peruvian Amazon and bring transformation and holistic development in a way that preserves and protects tribal culture. MINAP staff work in extremely remote areas to address the well-being of indigenous people. Deep in the Amazon, indigenous people die from easily preventable diseases. MINAP supports health care and the provision of clean water to those communities. The MINAP team also serves as a resource for indigenous people in the city of Pucallpa. They help indigenous people cope in the industrialized and urbanized world. Tribal people come to the city for medical treatment without any cash. They can't buy food or medicine or pay for their needs. They have no idea how to navigate the medical system and other government systems. Many times they cannot read labels on medication or other essential instructions. MINAP staff serve the population of tribal people who stay at a hostel in Pucallpa while in need of medical treatment. They provide encouragement, health checks and other support. MINAP staff also work with the students who come to College for Tribal Students. These students are the best and brightest of the upcoming generation and will be the future leaders in Amazon communities providing health care, agricultural expertise, and education. MINAP invests in these students who really struggle to survive in the city, by providing basic care including food, and constant encouragement.


Borderless Health Care: COVID-19 Responses

While you may live in a region where medical care is available, the reality is that this is not the case for hundreds of millions of people. In some cases, it is a matter of accessibility and not availability. Although health services are available, th...


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