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Uganda Venture was created in 2006 as a project of The Navigators of Canada and began working in Uganda in 2008. The mission of Uganda Venture is to transform individuals, families and communities out of poverty and into lasting wellbeing. Their focus is to build long-term partnerships in the communities in which they work. This approach is deeply rooted in their belief that projects and development initiatives will happen when they are run by Ugandans for Ugandans.

Uganda Venture’s work focuses on two main goals. The first is to help address fundamental needs in Ugandan communities and villages by assisting local partners in finding sustainable solutions. The second is to help volunteers better understand world poverty and what it takes to create lasting impact.

Uganda Venture has been able to work on many meaningful initiatives to benefit both people in Uganda and Canada. Some of their most impactful projects to date include:

  • Providing shelter to over 100 orphans by constructing two dorms in Tabiro Village
  • Constructed classrooms in Kikunyu Village which increased enrollment by three fold
  • Constructed a multi-purpose building in Kiriri Village which serves as a classroom space and a community meeting hall
  • Facilitated the creation of an all woman’s cooperative in Uganda and continue to assist the cooperative in achieving financial independence
  • Started a micro-credit pilot operation to help entrepreneurs in their partner villages get the financial support to start their own business. Uganda Venture has provided loans to 25 individuals since the program was launched in May 2013.

Uganda Venture also leads an annual trip from Canada to their projects in Uganda in April/May. Trip participants typically engage in building projects, running day camps with children in villages, and weekly discussions about world poverty.

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