Trauma Counseling for Isis Survivors

Al Hadaf for Training is a safe haven for Iraqi refugees living in Jordan. Many of these refugees escaped ISIS and lost everything in the process. Al Hadaf provides trauma counselling, art therapy, life skills classes and emergency support to Iraqi refugees. Besides assisting with daily needs such as food and shelter, their goal remains to bring hope for the future. Most of the refugee families are registered with the UN and are seeking sponsorship to other countries. The COVID crisis has forced Al Hadaf to adapt its strategies. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Al Hadaf has designed a plan for each family in their care using online classes and interactions to provide tools for homeschooling, coping skills for lockdown, English classes, and empowerment for future employment. Counseling and psychological support continue on virtual platforms. It has been a struggle for families to have everyone sheltering in place since multiple families live together in cramped spaces with no privacy. A recent recipient of their support says "Al Hadaf had a huge effect on my life, especially emotionally where they supported me when I needed them the most. The Alhadaf team listened to me, gave me advice, and encouraged me through the hard times. I felt peace whenever I entered the door of Alhadaf center, their smiles filled the place as it comforted me and made me feel in a safe place." Our support will go to supporting English classes and skills training so that these refugees, many of whom are waiting for international sponsorship, will be able to adjust to transitioning quickly in their country of immigration. Your vote helps Iraqi refugees who escaped ISIS get the counseling and skills they need to live whole lives and build a new life in their future country of immigration.



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Al Hadaf for Training serves Iraqi refugees who fled ISIS. The hundreds of families that have gone through their care have received trauma counselling and therapy. Al Hadaf works to restore these families and prepare them to build new lives. Most of th...


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