Building Strong Families & Communities


Building Strong Families and Communities

Cost: $600

Many orphaned children in Zimbabwe live with a loving grandmother or other relative but still face deprivation every day: hunger, poor health, inability to attend school, and social isolation. Some end up alone or in institutional care--not because there is no one willing to care for them but because their caregivers are desperately poor and unable to meet even their most basic needs. As such Bopoma Villages’ programs are focused on strengthening and equipping families living in extreme poverty in rural Zimbabwe to meet their own needs and to provide homes for orphaned children in their communities.

Bopoma Villages' goal is to keep orphaned children in families by supporting the heroic efforts of caregivers who are doing their utmost to provide orphaned children with a home and loving care. Through training in biointensive farming and nutrition, we teach caregivers to grow nutritious food in highly productive household and community gardens. They also teach methods of rainwater harvesting and conservation to help villagers make best use of scarce rainwater to keep their gardens producing long past rainy season. Bopoma Villages provides the training and families contribute the many hours of physical labour required to develop and maintain gardens and rainwater harvesting trenches and soaking pits. Bopoma Villages also helps to equip communities in need with the tools required to put their new skills into action. The cost of equipping a community with a set of tools to share is $600 (includes machetes, shovels, rakes, hoes, watering cans and wheelbarrows).

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