FEAL Food Security

FEAL The staff and volunteers at FEAL are hard-pressed to maintain their support of refugees in crisis. The spiraling economic crisis that pre-dates the Covid-19 lockdown has only made things harder. The Lebanese government is unable to provide widespread social assistance and medical items are in short supply. Since people are not only confined to their homes but also under strict curfew the plight of refugees is even worse. Previously a large number of refugees were able to look after themselves by finding illegal work. That's no longer possible. FEAL is carrying out weekly food distributions to those in need. WIth the collapse of the Lebanese economy in recent months, it is not just the refugees that are unable to buy food. FEAL has started providing food relief to Lebanese nationals as well. They do this through the selfless work of many volunteers. FEAL is providing crucial service in helping people survive the global pandemic. Join Kutoa this month in support of FEAL's courageous work during COVID-19 to feed families around Lebanon.


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