Freedom Pakistan


There are an estimated 21-45 million people trapped in some form of modern-day slavery worldwide. Our project in Pakistan served two populations of modern-day slaves. One is families working in brick kilns. These families are forced to produce a high quota of bricks every day. The amount is so great that children have to work all day helping their parents. These families have been indebted to the kiln owners for generations. And the children will take on the debt of their parents. Some of the people we know have sold internal organs for money to reduce their debt. A second group of modern-day slaves is landless farmers who are indebted to their landowner. When people work for oppressive masters they may receive 1/13th of the harvest. This is just enough to keep them indebted to their land-owner and without enough to provide basic human needs. Freedom Pakistan is a simple but ground-breaking strategy that permanently liberates people from these conditions. Freedom Pakistan works step by step with those in slavery. People learn about their human rights. They learn how to read and write, and how to handle money. They start small gardens. Then they receive small loans which they use for business and pay back. Larger loans provide livestock. . The next step is to provide small loans of about $25 so the  loans and livestock. The final step is to provide "fair share farms". On a fair share farm people receive 1/2 of what is produced. Changing the fraction from 1/13 to ½ makes all the difference. It enables families to pay off their debts and start new lives in 18 months. This kind of locally sustainable solution is what makes partnering with organizations like ChrisFon so powerful. Our support will go to providing small loans of $25 which is an important step on a person’s journey to freedom. Our experience is that these loans get paid back 5 times in 6 months. So each loan of $25 is really like $125.


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