JKPS Response to COVID-19


JKPS is serving the most vulnerable people affected by the complete lockdown of India. They are feeding 60 homeless children living on the railway station platform near their offices, and also 160 beggars who the government have moved to “night shelter” but are not providing enough food for. JKPS is doing this by using caterers who prepare the food in tin foil portions and then they distribute the food. Most normal programs of JKPS have closed with the exception of residential homes with children rescued from human trafficking and who are under legal guardianship. All efforts have shifted to providing crisis response to the Covid 19 virus and conditions. The situation is becoming desperate. Finney Thomas, the leader of JKPS writes, "Soon riots could be an issue as people are already growing hungry. Day workers do not have enough to provide for their families when they can’t work. It was announced in the news that 2 day workers committed suicide today in Kolkata because they were starving and desperate. We could lose more people from starvation and suicide than from the virus, though millions are projected to die from the virus. In the slums of Kolkata people are huddled together in groups - they don’t have anywhere they can go, and are not allowed on the streets. Police are beating people who are out on the streets. There are thousands of abandoned trucks on the side of the highways - filled with perishable goods as there are no resources available to the truckers - no restaurants, even gas is hard to find. Grocery stores are open, but transportation is a real problem." Finney and the team at JKPS are resolute, “even if, as we go about helping those in need - we go out and get sick or die, it is a death worth having.” JKPS is using whatever resources they have to care for those in desperate need- even if it means depleting their bank accounts. They are striving to serve one another, their families and their communities during this global pandemic. We are proud to stand beside this amazing organization during this challenging time and ensure that they have the resources needed to take care of their communities. Join Kutoa in supporting JKPS during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our contribution will provide resources to feed homeless children and beggars.


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