Nutrition to save lives

In April 2020, people started to walk out of the Kalahari desert after a perilous journey of starvation. The drought which has been ongoing since 2018 is the region’s worst in 90 years. When Kamati heard about migrant people walking into Namibia,  he went to see what was happening. He found starving people who had traveled hundreds of kilometers carrying all their possessions on their heads and their babies on their backs. Kamati says, “One elderly woman started tearing up when she told of what they have experienced on their way to Namibia Most of the people lost family members, especially children on the way.  The children that made it are extremely malnourished. When you ask them their needs they only say, ‘we are hungry, we want food’.” Kamati went to get his wife Lia, who is a doctor and they returned with food and medical items. There is an urgent need to stabilize these families, after which plans can be made to ensure long-term food security. Our assistance will save lives by providing nutritional supplements and medication for highly malnourished children.


Micro-loans for women

Inca Peanuts - the supernut

Savings-Based Finance


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