Safe Villages

HEAL Africa conducts most of its work outside the walls of the hospital in surrounding communities that are prone to attack. They help 140+ communities where all the leaders are willing to work together, to stand in unity when armed soldiers come to attack and take boys and girls. Usually when villages are attacked the people run into the forest and hills to escape. Vulnerable people like the elderly and women are left to suffer at the hands of soldiers. And everything the people abandon is stolen or destroyed. This leaves survivors without food and resources.  Our donations this month would go to help villages to stand together and look after their young people when forces move in. Specifically, this means, organizing village leaders to protect youth, identifying and caring for vulnerable people, resolving conflicts, and supporting mothers through small loans so they can provide for their family and keep them together. The picture with this article is from a HEAL Africa 'Capoeira for peace' class. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art. Conflict-affected children are learning it here, not for fighting, but to address self-esteem, discipline and respect.


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