UPHOLD Food Security

Uphold: Trying to lock down a billion people, is causing all sorts of devastation for the over 50 million Indian people living in extreme poverty. And it has put hundreds of millions more people who depend on day labour at risk. The recent wave of Covid-19 is estimated to be moving tens of millions more into poverty. A large portion of the population has lost their jobs, leaving them without any money to afford food for their families and often stuck hundreds of kilometers from home. Supermarkets have been closed down and special markets have been temporarily set up by the government in fields where food supplies are limited and prices are high. Families, the elderly, and individuals are surviving on one meal of rice a day, and are in need of more nutritious foods. UPHOLD has been asked to work with government officials to help those most affected by Covid-19. UPHOLD is making food baskets to distribute more balanced meals for the poor and the elderly. Join Kutoa this month to support the amazing work UPHOLD is doing in India to supply essential food items to their communities during the Covid-19 crisis.


Nutrition to save lives

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