Victims of Civil War in Myanmar

Following a military coup in Myanmar, protests spread and martial law declared as violence escalated. One refugee says , "I never thought we would need a shelter to run and hide in. We don't know when they (military) will break into our centre. I am deeply concerned about our children... We heard the gunshots every night, when can we have a peaceful sleep?" Another of our connections inside Myanmar wrote, "There have been bombings in downtown Yangon. No matter where we go, our people live in fear. Every time I see soldiers and military vehicles, my whole body shakes and I have to keep telling myself to calm down and pray. Going out to visit has become a great challenge." People like this have fled the city for the Thailand border. CNEC is mobilizing its personnel to bring relief to refugees on the border. We want to help them to stabilize the lives of these desperate people. Here is an encouraging report of what is happening: “Our relief funds have just reached Thai volunteers on the Myanmar border. They transported the rice and medicine to the displaced people on the other side in Myanmar. One of the boats was hit by bullets last week. So they have to be careful in their movement…. Great news. We just confirmed that all the rice bags and medicine safely reached the people in Myanmar.” At Kutoa we are excited to be connected with grassroots people like this who are willing to risk their lives to rescue people in need. Our support to this project will go to buy more food and medicine for refugees on the border of Thailand, with the plan that they will return to their homes in the city.


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