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How Rich Are You?

Use the Global Rich List app below to find out!

Instead of staring enviously at the names on the Sunday Times Rich List, why not find out where you really sit alongside the rest of the world? Now's your chance to find out how you compare and get a measure of what "True Wealth" really means.
Use your annual salary / income to calculate:

The Measure of Wealth

Why create a Global Rich List?

As we enter a new age of economic struggle, there are still estimated to be over one billion people living on less than $1.25 a day. The Global Rich List was built to reveal the unequal distribution of wealth and raise awareness for the huge population of the world who struggle to make ends meet in these times and austerity. Using simple app to highlight a much misunderstood inequality. Find out where you sit among the rest of the world? You might be surprised, and we hope you'll be generous.


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