Kutoa believes that small change can produce big change.


When a lot of people are willing to give a little, a lot will get done. We have all heard about globalization, right? Kutoa is the globalization of hope.

It is a movement that joins us together to help people from around the world. We are connected by the desire to meet the needs of others. Kutoa does this by funding sustainable solutions. It provides us with an opportunity and reminds us of our obligation to contribute towards those in need.


Regardless of one's age or ethnicity, political bent or theological slant, Kutoa believes that every person is of equal value and has an equal voice. Our goal is to foster an environment of awareness, increase generosity between people around the world, and fund organizations that do great work to help people. Our vision is to generate the largest donor base in the world; not for bragging rights, but because the more donors that we have, the more people that will be helped.

It's that simple.

Kutoa is aiming to take charitable giving into the next generation of technological advances.

What does this mean?

Kutoa is paperless. All communication is done on the web and/or via email. It is not only environmentally friendly, it is budget friendly. In other words, the money goes to the people that you are giving to help.

Kutoa is on top of technological advances. We're all for whatever cool new stuff comes out that will help us to engage with more people. Do you know of a great way to reach people? Tell us, we would love to hear from you.

Kutoa is a registered Canadian charity (#802195917RR0001). We adhere to a strict code of conduct and regulation set out by the Canadian government, promoting honesty and transparency. In other words, we are legitimate. So join us, have your say, and start making an impact.

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253 Oral Rehydration Packets in Indonesia


1 Fish Farm in Armenia


113 Anti-Malaria Tablets in Mozambique