The theme for 2019 World AIDS Day on December 1st was, "COMMUNITIES MAKE THE DIFFERENCE". 

OUR Kutoa community can make a difference! This month we have three sustainable solutions from three amazing communities around the world serving people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.

  • Victory+ Kids. A big community of children in India who are HIV+ and who live together as a family.
  • Red Ribbon. A remarkable compassonate organization in Urban China started by elderly seniors to care for high risk migrant workers.
  • Changing TImes Clinic. Home support and medical care for people with HIV/AIDS in Nairobi's largest slum.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and for which there is no cure. Spread through bodily fluids, this virus attacks a person’s immune system. As a result, their body will struggle to fight off sickness, and often it will not respond to antibiotics. 

2018 statistics estimate that 39.9 million people are living with HIV. 1.7 million of those are under the age of 15. About 80% of people infected with AIDS know their status. Children living with or affected by HIV/AIDS are especially vulnerable to violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation, often a reult of stigma and discrimination. The UNAIDS organization paints a clear picture of the situation in the documents AIDS by the the numbers . 

The good news is that we are making progress against this disease. The number of new infections has decreased by 40% since 1997.

In December, Kutoa will be supporting partners who are working with people affected by HIV/AIDS. They are educating people, providing them with preventative materials and information, and offering assistance to those with this disease so that they can live the healthiest lives possible.


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