Each month Kutoa partners with amazing grassroots organizations in the developing world that have a history of doing good work, at a reasonable cost, with the highest levels of return.

We choose three projects based on a common global development theme. It is important to us that each project involves sustainable solutions guided by input from the local people; after all, we believe that everyone should have an equal voice.

Once the three projects are selected, Kutoa hands the decision making over to you.

Through Kutoa's VOTE NOW system, you decide where the money should go. At the end of the month, the project with the most votes gets all of the money that was raised for that month.

Don't worry if the project you voted for doesn't get the most votes. First of all, there are no bad projects that we will promote. So even if that month the community votes for another project, that project is worthwhile. Then, be assured that the project you love is still going ahead. And if you have the desire, you can make a donation directly for that project.


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