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5 Fruit Trees in Mali

COST: $30

The gift of 5 fruit trees not only provides nutrient rich food for the owners, but gives them something to sell at the market.

The income made from the sale of fruit can pay for things like medicine, education, food, shelter & clothes.

Apple trees, orange trees, mango trees, and other healthy fruit trees provide the vitamins and nutrients growing kids need and gives the family a chance to start tree farming.

A fruit tree orchard can produce enough fruit for vital income in just two to three years. Tree seedlings from the fully-grown fruit trees can then be used to help another family lift themselves out of poverty.

The receipients of this program also donate a portion of what they are able to grow to other needy families in their community. This passes along the sweet taste of hope and encourages a positive community dynamic.

Besides continually multiplying, your green gift is also good for the environment. Planting fruit trees prevents deforestation — a major cause of soil erosion that leads to poor farmland and devastating floods.

In Ethiopia, the gift of fruit trees helped Bezalem Dinku start an apple tree farm that moved his family from poverty to abundance. "I was weak and unable to stand on my feet," he says. "But with…World Vision support, I am to walk with my feet and [be a] source of income for the others too."

Bezalem used to earn 90 cents a day — not enough to feed his family of five. "We shouldered all the burdens that poverty could bear," he says. But the gift of fruit trees and agricultural training from World Vision changed his family's life forever.

Now his fruit tree business employs three people and brings in as much $23,000 in just two harvests. His three children are healthy, well-nourished, attend the best school in the area, and are dreaming big about the future.

For every 30 people who give $1, we'll be able to give 5 fruit trees to a family in need.

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