Reconstruction of homes using compressed earth blocks


One of the greatest needs for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan is the reconstruction of damaged and destroyed homes. In order to offer support in this area, GlobalMedic has implemented a shelter reconstruction project with the initial goal of building six permanent homes in a rural neighborhood in Tacloban on Leyte Island. Close to 350 homes in this area were destroyed and there are little resources within the community to rebuild. For this project we have partnered with a local community leader and have had an impressive amount of enthusiasm and participation by community members. In order to supply some of the resources needed for this project, GlobalMedic has deployed a Compressed Earth Block machine to Tacloban.


The Compressed Earth Block machine is an efficient and innovative machine that uses ordinary soil from areas in or around construction sites and compresses it into building blocks that are ready to be used after 72 hours of curing. The blocks can be installed by unskilled laborers and bonded with a site-prepared slurry mix acting as mortar. This machine is capable of producing up to 300 blocks per hour, or 2400 blocks per eight-hour workday. Using this machine and its innovative technology avoids the costs and logistics involved with purchasing cinder blocks, the typical construction material used in the area. Furthermore, it allows the opportunity to support the local economy by hiring local laborers to assist in block production. The finished blocks that are produced by this machine are a high quality construction material that exceeds North American building code standards.


This project involves beneficiaries in the construction process in order to ensure community acceptance and empowerment. While our initial goal is to completely rebuild six permanent homes, this project will be expanded based on success and beneficiary feedback.


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