Personal Hygiene Supplies for Young Women


Millions of girls living in developing countries like Uganda skip up to 20% of the school year simply because they cannot afford to buy mainstream sanitary products when they menstruate. This deliberate absenteeism has enormous consequences the education of girls and overall academic potential. –


Uganda Venture recognized the risks associated with the lack of access to sanitary pads early on. Four years ago, Uganda Venture worked with its partnering villages to run education workshops on this particular topic for girls of all ages. The girls learned how to make reusable pads from affordable fabric to ensure sustainability and minimize forced days at home.


Right now a new generation of young women is emerging in the orphanage and at the school that Uganda Venture partners with. There is a clear need for additional sessions and workshops to teach these girls how to make reusable and affordable sanitary pads. If the money is donated towards this program, Uganda Venture will be able to help every girl at the school and orphanage (approximately 100) learn how to make and increase access to reusable sanitary pads.


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