Nurturing Health and Prosperity


Chickens + Fruit Trees

in Afghanistan

Cost: $80

A powerhouse combination of two hens, a rooster and fruit trees will provide two steady sources of protein and healthy vitamins. Fruit, eggs and meat can be sold at the market for income, and chickens also provide great fertilizer to help a garden grow.

In countries where chickens are not appropriate or available, World Vision provides poultry such as turkeys, ducks, doves or other fowl that can be raised and bred to help a family achieve self-reliance.

This year the gift of Chicken + Fruit Trees will be provided to families in Afghanistan. World Vision has been helping families in northwestern Afghanistan since 2001. Efforts include educating mothers on ways to achieve better health, nutrition and hygiene; improving the quality of maternal, newborn and child health services, along with teaching farmers updated techniques and delivering agricultural supplies to help families earn an income.


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