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Technical Training for Older Orphans

"What would you like to be when you grow up?" This is a question we often ask children and youth, but for those living in an orphanage, it might not be an easy question to answer. Without parental guidance or resources, the path to acheiving their dreams is not always an easy one.

Some of Uganda Venture's orphans are graduating from high school and struggling to find jobs that would allow them to move towards the independence that they need. Sponsoring this program would mean providing older orphans with further skills, training and vocation courses to be able to compete in the job market in Uganda and receive the training needed to start a life. Training could include mechanical and car repair, signage and poster making, tailoring, agriculture, computer, etc.

Sponsoring this program will empower orphans in a way they may have thought wasn't possible. It will give them the ability to start the healthy, independent lives that they deserve.


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